Around the globe, the Coro­na virus has a mas­sive impact on our lives. The con­se­quences do not stop for us bridge­builders either: We have there­fore extend­ed our first appli­ca­tion peri­od and will announce the new dead­line soon. This means that all appli­cants have more time to pre­pare for the new sit­u­a­tion and to elab­o­rate their con­cepts. In the mean­time, the bridgebuilder foun­da­tion con­tin­ues to be active. For the time being we are focussing on projects that require imme­di­ate action, for exam­ple in the area of refugee assis­tance. Read more about that in the fol­low­ing news sec­tion entries.

See you soon, stay healthy and keep the prop­er distance!